If you can dream it, you can do it!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

-Walt Disney

When we are young we all dream about ourselves, who we want to be and how we want to live. But with the passage of time we start to forget about our dreams, we start to compromise to make our living. It happens because we don’t want to try or sometimes we fail but success is the name of continuous effort.

Life is all about learning, to achieve what we have dreamed, we need to work hard we need to focus. Focus on the goal not on the failures or barriers that comes in our way. There are always people who will discourage us that you cannot achieve your goal, but we have to make sure that this is also a barrier on our way and we can overcome only if we try. No one achieve success on the first go, everyone failed but people who continuously try and don’t give up are the people who succeed.

Think of your dream, try just one more time, don’t lose hope, you have that ability, trust yourself, take the chance and live your dream.



Now days every other person I meet, seems unhappy with their life. And when I ask the reason they always complain about their lives, actually we have started comparing our self with others, we see what others got but we don’t see what is lacking or missing in their lives. We don’t have any idea what they have been through or what they are sacrificing to have that beautiful life. You may see their life as a “perfect life” but for them it may not be true. Everyone doesn’t get everything in life and that’s the beauty of life. We need to accept the imperfections of our lives and if you are not happy with the way of your living, here is the chance, take the opportunity and make your life better and better. Just keep your dreams high, work hard for it and never lose your values, and soon you start to make your life the way you always dreamed of, and you will be very proud of yourself.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

-Robert F. Kennedy

Love Yourself

As we grow old sometimes we stop believing in ourselves, we stop thinking about ourselves, our aims, our priorities, our beliefs. We start seeing our self the way other sees us, this start to affect our values, our thoughts and our actions. The question is how to take the control back? What we can do to make our self the way we want? How to feel good about our self?

There are few things that we can do:

  • Give yourself at least one hour to think what I want to do? What makes me happy?
  • Love yourself. Do something that makes you happy and satisfied.
  • Write a dairy, writing a dairy can help you improve your personality.
  • Believe in yourself; try hard to achieve your aim.
  • Be generous, help others this will give you internal satisfaction.
  • Learn to say “NO” if you don’t want to do something.

And always remember:

No one can make you feel small without your consent.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Types of Nutrients


Nutrients are the substances that are necessary for the body in order to grow the body and maintain health and it is consumed from the food we eat.

It is necessary to intake correct amount of nutrients that are essential for an individual to have a balanced and healthy diet.

Types of nutrients:

Nutrients are divided into five groups:

  1. Protein
  2. Fats
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Minerals
  5. Vitamins
  • Protein:

Proteins are complex molecules that are essential for an individual because it helps in the growth, repair and maintenance of one’s body. Proteins are needed by every individual in their daily diet but at sometimes in our lives the daily requirement of protein increases like during pregnancy.

  • Fats:

Fats are also important for body as it gives a structure to the cell membranes. It also helps to preserve body heat and protect skeleton and organs. Fats are the concentrated source of energy and it gives the feeling of fullness after the meal but the digestion of fat is relatively slow.

  • Carbohydrates:

The main source from which body can gain energy is carbohydrates, other nutrients also provide energy but that’s not there main purpose of those nutrients. Carbohydrates acts as a protein sparer in this way protein can be used for their primary function.

  • Minerals:

Human body is composed of complex structure, it need variety of elements; apart from protein, fats, hydrogen, carbohydrates it also require different element for many reasons like body building, blood fluid. Some of the minerals are calcium, iron, zinc and many more.

  • Vitamins:

The body needs only small amount of each vitamin but most of it cannot be produced itself, it needs to enter in the body by food. Vitamin is essential because it helps in the growth and maintenance and also control metabolic reaction in the cell. Vitamins are divided into two groups:

Fat soluble vitamin (includes vitamin A, D, E and K)

Water soluble vitamin (includes vitamin C and vitamin B complex)